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I was wondering why I hadn’t heard back from you, Kathy! Glad your internet has returned. We’re still doing Zoom sprints if you want to join in, just subscribe to the sprints post. 🙂

Nice word count, by the way!


Okay due to no internet I missed it. I lost my internet on Thursday 08-13-2020. I didn’t get it back until Friday 08-21-2020. I went to Starbucks and froze half to death three of the four evenings I went.  Since I had no internet I didn’t bother with trying to pitch to the editors my friend had lined up for the SARA (San Antonio Romance Authors) meeting on the 15th. Plus, I didn’t feel that I was ready or that the stories are ready.

Instead, on that Saturday night late, I started something totally new and I now have almost 4k words on it.  I crocheted and wrote most of last week. Had big plans to use the unpaid time off due to no internet, to clean my house, and all types of things. Nothing like that happened.

The week’s word count 17-24 August was 2,058.



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