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Sprinters, I’m setting up Zoom sprints for Aug. 31-Sept. 6 and need to know:

  • What days work for you this week?
  • Is 2-4pm PDT still a good time?

Also, if you have a friend who’s not in the Productivity group, or even not a member of FTH or RWA, and would like to invite them to attend a sprint with us, feel free to do so. Just let me know their name and which day they’d like to come. I don’t want to accidentally kick someone out of the meeting because I don’t recognize the name. <Awkward>

I’ll wait until after I hear from you all to schedule the sprints.

Oh, and remember, these aren’t just drafting sprints. Feel free to work on edits, newsletters, blog posts, readthroughs–any writing task where you could use a little extra focus.

Cheryl Rider

Productivity Forum Moderator




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