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Wonderful, Jeanne! I hope to see you there. Don’t forget to subscribe to the sprints post so you get the invitation. I send it out right before it’s time to log in.

Indie publishing is always an adventure, I’ll tell you that. I’ve made mistakes, but readers have been pretty nice about them. I’m still working out my process. For instance, my paperback books never come out at the same time as my ebooks and the audio versions of my first three books haven’t even gotten off the ground yet. (They begin recording in October) I figure it’ll all work out eventually.


Hi, Cheryl,

I think I’ll try coming into the zoom meeting on my phone.

Regarding self publishing, I think I’ll have less trepidation once I get used to it. That’s why I want to do a collection of the short romances first – as a trial run and each short romance is easier in terms of proof reading and editing than an entire novel-length manuscript. And if I goof on it, I don’t have as much invested in it as I do in a full-length novel.

Thank you for your kind thoughts.



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