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Hi, Allie,

I am glad to be participating in this workshop. One of my goals is to use dialogue tags effectively. I went from over using them (I found a PDF online on synonyms for said and used a different synonym every time someone spoke) to under using them to the point where I had talking heads. An editor pointed out that I need to break up the long stretches of dialogue showing emotion and action. But I don’t want to over-do that either; I want to balance dialogue and whatever make sit more effective.

Anyway, my name is Jeanne. I write historical and contemporary romance and women’s fiction and also short stories. In April, I signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press and have gone through the first-round edit for my historical romance Miller’s Cove. I am also learning how to use Kindle Direct Publishing so I can publish through Amazon.  I love The Wild Rose Press, but I can see with their royalty rate, I’m not going t make much, and will have to do all the marketing myself. Initially I wanted to be traditionally published because I wanted someone else to do the work of publishing, but now, I’m seriously questioning if traditional publishing is worth it.

Anyway, that’s my story. Looking forward to the next session.



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