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Allie Pleiter

Welcome, everyone! We have a nice diversity of authors here.

Kathleen, yes, dialogues and historical language can be tricky. If I don’t cover what you need, make sure and ask questions so I give you the help you’re seeking.

Tami, shifter romances are big right now! Good for you.

Rhoda, that sounds like a really interesting premise.

Jeanne, dialogue tags are a hurdle many authors need to overcome. We’ll cover that toward the end of the course.

Ana, glad to have you in the course. There are style differences between contemporary and historical that can definitely alter how you approach dialogue.

Pepper, that’s great that you continually improve to give your readers the best experience possible. Glad to hear you’re already finding success.

Let’s hear from all the participants before we leap into Friday’s first lesson! By the way, since this forum model is new to lots of us, just give me quick thumbs up that everyone is seeing this reply post. Remember to always reply to the lesson post, not start a new email, so that subject threads stay connected.



Allie Pleiter
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