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Victoria Elliot

It’s tough. When I started writing this story, I felt way more connected to Eric’s character than Elise’s. I still think he’s the stronger POV, but I went back and put a lot of effort into making her more likable and active in the story. I took a class about a year ago, where we talked about rooting interests (here’s some info: Working some of these things in to Elise’s character helped. I also think it’s important to have a clear GMC for your character and to know how events of the story will impact the GMC. Some other things I try to incorporate on a chapter by chapter basis is to make sure the character either acquires or gives up something (knowledge, skills, resources) or the gains/cedes some sort of advantage (physical, mental, emotional).

I’m not an expert. I’m definitely still learning, and suspect it will be an ongoing process.


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