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Ana Morgan

Ana Homework 1

Here’s an exchange from my WIP:

Franco turned. Condemnation flashed in his dark, imperious eyes.“You tried to bring in banned substances again.”

A chill raced down Ammi’s spine. Her hands trembled as she stood, holding her gift. “I know, and I’m sorry. Dad hasn’t been sleeping well, and I thought chamomile would—”

“You know the penalty for breaking the rules. Fifteen minutes for each item of contraband. Lucky for you I counted all the tea bags as one.” He paused. “Say thank you.”

She gulped. He was deliberately belittling her in front of the new PA. But, if she didn’t play along, she’d have no chance of returning to her father today. “Thank you.”

“Good. Now say hello to our new psych ward PA, Galen Thomas. Mr. Thomas, Ammi Folkright.”

Ammi nodded slowly while her mind raced. When Franco wanted to impress, he could be magnanimous. “Please let me have the rest of my time. Joe let me in late and made me leave early. Dad was remembering things.”

“Not today, Ammi. SkyHigh Pharmaceuticals ordered an adjustment to his med schedule.”

“I can wait.”

“No. He’s under observation for the rest of the day.”

“You can watch on the security feed.”

Franco flicked his fingers in dismissal. “When Sturgeon volunteered to participate in the schizophrenia drug trial, he agreed to abide by all routine changes.”

Ammi rolled her eyes. If she’d heard this lie once, she’d heard it a hundred times. “You forced him to sign. You and your predecessor, Dr. Durley.”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Franco said icily.

“I know more than you realize,” she retorted. “The SkyHigh drug is erasing his memory. And causing insomnia, dizziness, and tremors. His hands shake, and he stumbles.”

Franco withdrew a beeper from his pocket. “No visits for a month.”


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