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Kathy Crouch

Hi Cheryl,

I had a super productive Friday and Saturday. I might have jumped the gun a bit by having the hero and heroine in bed together, but hey I can always move it later.

I have two short days this week, my work week runs Sun-Thurs. Sunday was the normal 10:30-5:30, but tomorrow Labor Day they cut everyone’s hours, don’t want to pay a whole lot of time and half. So tomorrow I work 11:30-5:30. Then on Tuesday & Wednesday, I have back to back 10 hour days 10:30-9:00.  It all adds up to 40 hours which 5.5 of it will be time and a half for the holiday. But the thing I figured out once is that you pay 1.5 times my hourly rate for one day’s work. That means out of 40 hours I get 34.5 at regular pay and 5.5 at overtime pay I think that idea needs to be redone somehow. Maybe make it double time and a half to keep from shorting people. Of course, the hours would really get chopped then hehehehe.  I pointed it out to my boss in East Texas and she was like you’re right. I worked 32 hours regular and 8 overtime so basically it was only the equivalent of 4 extra hours at normal pay.

It would be nice if the people who broke our program would find the break and fix it. It varies there’s no rhyme or reason to it. You call in or write in and we attempt to refund or replace your order and the system doesn’t have a reason. We can spoof into the customer’s account and replace it that way, then we have to mark it no recharge or not expected back. I had one today it refused to let me do that. I was like you stupid system she can’t return what she never got. So, I escalated it. Explained it was a replacement for an item missing from the box so there wouldn’t be any possible way to return it.

I’ve been writing on a cop story. It reached out and grabbed and I think it was part of a dream I had. I woke up wondering why in the dream it went down that way lol. So, I am writing about a series of murders of young boys. A female detective is in charge and she went to the local FBI office and spoke with an agent there. She’s supposed to check with the agent the next day to see if the first bits of info from the computer yielded more with the additions of what they found on the first search.

In the meantime, she and a fellow detective are in a hotel in bed together.


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