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Hi, Cheryl,

I am keeping up with doing 4 to 5 hours a day, although for the last three days, I haven’t kept my word count on my WIPs up. The time’s been spent learning how to publish on Amazon.

I manage to get my “test” manuscript uploaded, cover on and it’s now live. It’s just a collection of three short romances (flash fiction that I wrote for Woman’s World Magazine that they did not select). Now, I’m working on a second collection of flash-fiction romances that WW didn’t select. Fleshing them out a little bit because now I don’t have to stick to the 800-word limit that I did for WW.

After that, I’ll continue to work on longer short stories (about 3,000 words each) for another collection to publish on Amazon. I’ve already written 4  stories for this collection.

And then there are the full-length novels I’m working on. Two of them I’ve put aside because I haven’t been able to figure out how to move them from where I stopped to the end. I’m having better luck with the third one and also with the short stories.

Now that I know how to use Kindle Direct Publishing and don’t have to conform with what agents and publishers think will sell, I’ve discovered I really like writing short stories.  You don’t have to sustain them as long as you would for a full-length novel and for me, each story is easier to proof and edit, because it’s short.

Our “lock down” in Hawaii was extended through this coming Wednesday, which doesn’t affect me much because I’ve been staying home to write anyway and only go out to the market when I do go out. That, we’re allowed to do because it’s essential. What weird times we’re living in.

That’s all for this week.


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