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LeAnne Bristow

LeAnne Homework 1:

*This is an excerpt from a historical romance. I’m posting it as it is, but after reading your lesson, I can see that there are a lot of ways I can improve this. *

She shouldn’t speak to him or question him until they reached camp, but curiosity won out. “How did you learn to speak Irish?”
The man gave her a solemn look. “From my parents.”
The man’s green eyes didn’t waver from her face. Almost as if he was willing her to ask more questions. She lifted her chin and touched the sword to his shoulder to turn him around. “Your family makes a habit of kidnapping Irish children, then.”
He jerked his shoulder away from the tip of her sword. “I was an Irish child.” The words hissed between clinched teeth.
Neala sucked in her breath. Part of her wanted to believe the man in front of her was no enemy, but his clothing, manner and actions told a different story. “Irish boys don’t grow up to be Vikings.”
“And Irish girls don’t grow up to be warriors.” His green eyes held her gaze.
She lifted her chin. When she refused the marriages her parents had arranged for her, they turned her out to survive on her own. Now, her family came to her for advice and protection. “I did what I had to to survive.”
“As did I.” He cocked his head. “You and I are not so very different.”
“That’s where you’re wrong.” Neala pointed the tip of her sword toward the trail. “I would die before joining the Viken.”


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