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Allie Pleiter

—Clothed? One laughs. I wore the uniform of the Army Napoleon? You dress me as a maidservant. Isaac and I were comfortable sleeping under our wagon in the open fields. Now I am imprisoned in a tiny room with a window that will not open and a bed that might have been designed as a torture device. The animals in the Paris Zoo are fed. Do you think they are grateful for their cages?”


This makes for an interesting example, because for me as a reader this complex set of statements is the turning point where things heat up. You could leverage this one of two ways.

1) If you have established our heroine as someone who gets wordy when stressed–and there are people who do–then you could have her keeping up a running monologue of irritated stress while our hero tries to get a point in otherwise. Then, when she gets to the final “Non, non, non” the simplicity of the words would stand out even more.

2) The other option would be to spread the long speech above out into short bursts. Something like Now I am imprisoned. In a tiny room. The window? Ha–it cannot open. And what you call a bed? That bed? It might have been designed as a torture device. Granted, it’s far from grammatically correct, but it does show her emotions gaining momentum.


Allie Pleiter
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