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Welcome Kathleen S.! Nice to have you along.

Wow, Kathy, you should write a story about someone bucking the system. Might hit on a few nerves…in a good way.

Good for you, Dory. So many long term care facilities forget their patients are human, and there’s not a lot the families can do.

Jeanne, it’s amazing what we can accomplish when we shed the yoke of conventional publishing. I’m thrilled for you.

Cheryl, have you taken possession of your travel trailer yet? I’m anxious to see how you like it.

Anyway, I made my goal last week and edited four chapters. I’ve been crazy busy trying to keep my hubs from doing things that might backfire on him. Not an easy feat considering he’s bored to death.

Happy writing, y’all.

Mona Enderli
w/a Merit Fynn


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