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Doreen Jensen



“I don’t see why she fusses over him.” Said Winslow flatly.” He’s  just her cousin.”

“Yeah,” the corners of Julie’s mouth curved upward. ‘Kissing Cousins.”

She watched Winslow blush as he continued.” Thirteenth-century warrior, not much upstairs.”

“Maybe,” she winked,” but man, what a staircase.”

She watched his face lose color, as he struggled to retain composure.

“Kelly assures me their relationship is purely platonic.”

“Yeah, …play for him and a tonic for her.”

“God, must you be so ridiculous?  Can’t you have a conversation without jokes?”

“I’ll tell you what, I’ll give up my shtick when you give up your stick.”

“What stick?”

“The one up your butt.”

He turned to leave but Julie reached out, tugging on his sleeve to pull him back around.

Her face was lined, her mouth pursed. She angrily jabbed him in the chest with along black manicured nail.

“I will tell you this, detective Winslow,” her voice curt and serious. “You think you love her but you don’t. You feel responsible for her. You are obsessed with finding the killer. That’s all well and good, but it’s not love. Angus thinks he doesn’t love her but he does.  Don’t screw this up for her?”

Whatever answer Winslow was about to give was silenced as Kelly and Angus returned to the room



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