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Doreen Jensen

A family of Hollywood stuntmen find themselves stranded in the 13th century Scottish borders where they are mistaken for Viking mercenaries.


Kieran faced the group, trying to assess them.

“I heard that Vikings named their swords. Do you have names for yours?”

Grant winked at Victoria. “Yes, we do. This”, he said,” is Blood Spiller.” He patted the hilt

Doc chimed in with, ”Decapitator”. He raised the sword high above his head.

“Blood Drinker, Soul Taker, Flesh Flayer, Blood River” chorused the others.

Kieran looked at Victoria. “And yours? By what fearsome name do you call yer sword.?”

He watched her eyes crinkle with devilment. She aimed her sword just below Kieran’s chin.  In her best Pacino impersonation, she remarked.  “Say hello to my little friend, Blood Kitten.”

“Blood Kitten”, he repeated raising a brow quizzically,  ”T’is hardly frightening.”

Without a word, she lifted her weapon and keenly sliced through the lacing of his breeches.

As Kieran snatched at his trews in an effort to hold them up, he heard her mocking laughter.”

“Just say “Hello Kitty.”


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