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I started to check in yesterday and then totally spaced it. Good grief, I’m distracted lately.

Kathy, you’ve been busy! Is the cop story something you needed to get out of your head for now? If so, I feel ya. I’ve got one simmering on the back burner that’s driving me bonkers. I can’t wait until I get this project drafted and the other one edited so I can start on it.

Jeanne, that’s great! I’m glad you found a niche you enjoy. There’s a category of fiction on Amazon called Kindle Short Reads. Definitely think about putting your shorter books into one of those categories. Sometimes I just want a quick read and I go see what they have. And you can put your book in more categories than the three they give you. Here’s a great article on how. Amazon categories

Happy Labour Day weekend to you, Dory! I hope it was lovely. I think it’s wonderful that you’re writing about your mom’s experiences in a long-term care facility. It’s difficult enough to make the decision to put a parent or grandparent in one of those places without having to worry that someone put a price tag on their heads.

Nice work, Mona! Glad you were able to find the time to write and edit last week. Husbands really do require a lot of care sometimes, don’t they? 😉 I haven’t gotten my trailer yet. It ships from Ohio on October 1. I’m so excited!

I had a good week. Had to take a day off (well, a light day) last week and just crash. I’ve been pushing pretty hard and it was time for a break. I ended up with 13,155 words for the week, which keeps me on track as long as I don’t slack too much. My goal is now 2025 a day, including weekends. I wanted a cushier cushion between my deadline and my end draft date, so I decided to bump up the weekend word count. After I finish this draft, I’ll be editing until the cows come home.

We’re sprinting from 2-4 pm tomorrow if anyone wants to pop in!

Have a good week!



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