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Productivity Forum

The Productivity Forum is humming along nicely. Last month I put together a Sprint-In-A-Week writing drive for members. (Think mini-NaNoWriMo.) Participants wrote over 49,000 words and worked for 21 hours (editing) in a week. It was a great motivational experience for us all and I’ve continued running Zoom writing sprints during the week since. (On my personal Zoom account) I’ve encouraged members to invite friends outside the chapter to participate in one of our Zoom sprints as I thought it might be a good avenue for chapter outreach.

Outside of the writing drive, the forum is active and members are reporting in weekly.

Cheryl Rider
Productivity Forum Moderator



I posted on the FTH Facebook page asking members what they would like to see in a workshop or webinar, and these were some of the responses:

  • character arcs
  • action scenes
  • writing novellas
  • serial fiction
  • series bibles
  • mental and physical health for writers
  • advertising for indies, hybrid, and traditionally published authors

My suggestion was for us to also consider seeking out more inclusive workshops or webinars.

Also, we’re fortunate in that RWA is adding more Workshop(Webinar)-In-A-Box offerings in the future. For now, Connie found one called Worldbuilding: Writing vivid settings that sounded good. The best part about these webinars is they are free to chapters. (The chapter will have to borrow my or Merien’s Zoom account, but that’s not usually a problem for either of us.)

Keep in mind that we cannot charge for the workshops we borrow from RWA. These would be for members only.

Cheryl Rider & Connie Bretes


Just a quick reminder that Paisley Kirkpatrick (Marlene Urso) is stepping down as our Welcome chair after many years of service to the chapter.


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