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Here’s my homework for Session 2

Barbara shivered, hugged herself and then rubbed her upper arms. What if she failed? Then what would her mother’s sister do with her and Jessica?

Footsteps padded into the kitchen.

“What’s wrong, Mama? When’s Daddy coming back to get us out of this place?”

“Daddy’s not coming back, Jessie. But everything’s going to be okay. We’re going to go live with Aunt Clover.”

“But I don’t know Aunt Clover. I’ll have to leave my friends.”

“You’ll love Aunt Clover and you’ll make new friends. And we’re going to live in a wonderful, big old house that’s an inn near the beach.”

“After summer vacation, I’ll have to go to a new school.”

“I went to school in Moonbeam Shores when I was a little girl.”

Jessie wrinkled her nose and planted her hands on her slim hips. “But that was in the olden days. This is now.”

Spoken like a true ten-year old. Barbara smiled in spite of her trembling insides.

“It’s going to be all right, Jessica. It’s going to be all right.”

“I’m scared, Mama.” I’ve been scared for a long time. Since Daddy got so weird.”

Barbara scooted the chair back and pulled her pixie daughter into her lap. She hugged her slender body and stroked her soft, yellow, corn silk hair. Jessie cuddled into her.

“I’ve been scared for a long time, too. But everything’s going to be all right now. And you’ll get to spend the rest of summer vacation in an inn that’s a lot nicer than this one-bedroom apartment. You’ll have a room of your own. Aunt Clover said so. We’re close to the ocean. There’s a beach. There’s a library and a movie theater and a park. An ice cream parlor with the best ice cream you’ve ever tasted.”

“Are you sure it’s going to be that good?”

“I’m sure, baby, I’m sure.”

But right now, Barbara wasn’t sure of anything. It just had to be better. It had to.


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