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There are a couple of apps you might try. ProWriting Aid is one. Grammarly is another. There’s a free version of both, I believe.

As far as story editing, I’m always picking up books on the subject. Cathy Yardley has a quick read, simple self-editing book. Rock Your Revisions: A Simple System for Revising Your Novel

All the books in her Rock Your... series are inexpensive. I think this one is $2.99. I’d be happy to lend it to you so you could try it out. Email me if you’re interested.

I have read/listened to a bunch of editing/revising type books. I’ve found that none are perfect, but I usually pick up something that works for me. 🙂


Does anyone have any good self-editing tips? I mean besides the obvious spelling and things like that. I love Word for that very reason, but it makes tough spelling sometimes when you don’t have it lol. When I reply to a social media incident at work I use “Scratchpad” change the font to 20 point and use Fuscia bolded. Most of the time I catch the mistakes, but I also toss into a private note and run spell-check. I think 99.9% of the time it’s names and the word “website” it wants two words but it’s now only one word. Things like that I tell it to add and it works until the next day lol.

One time they had removed our button that was open in CCA (nobody seems to know what those letters stand for) and I bet every one of us spell checked over and over and over until they fixed it. They do that quite often it seems they break something and then they have to fix it. Went to sign in Sunday and everyone coming in later like me at 10:30 CDT couldn’t log into the major program to pull up the two we needed for taking calls. They tell the voice agents to use the website, but that doesn’t always work. But in SMRE we have to have the one called Right Now because our emails and social media incidents come there.


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