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Oh dear, I stripped down and changed the passage for the assignment and clearly created confusion.  It is Mary who makes the remark about God’s mysterious ways. (Her late father was a clergyman.)  Please see if this is more clear.  I think I’ve been too caught up in trying to eliminate dialog tags.  Maybe this will be a subject of a later class.  Here’s a redraft closer to my original and starting a bit earlier.


Abigail intervened,“Dear Mary, I know you are trying to make our… our guest feel at home. But I did not have the advantage of your education and since dear Violette died, French has not been spoken in this house. I am certain that Rebecca would welcome an opportunity to practice her English, excellent though it is.”
“Oui, yes, Miss Bennington, please let us converse in English.”

A blush added roses to Mary Bennington’s pink and white complexion.

This Mary is vraiment, truly a belle juene fille. It is not a surprise that Daniel is caught in her net.

“Please do call me Mary, Rebecca.  The Scott family and mine have been close since before I was born. Our fathers planned that our families would be joined by marriage. So I consider myself a member of the family. And I understand you are a relation as well?”

“Claire at least believes so and of course we are delighted,” Abigail said, passing a cup of sugary tea to Mary.

Mary took a sip. “The Lord works in mysterious ways. Who would have thought that George Woolcott’s efforts to find dear Andrew would have yielded such a delightful surprise.”

“Yes, but until we are certain, we are making no announcement. Daniel, of course, confided in you, but —
— “my lips are sealed.” The statement was followed by a stage grin.

She smiles with her mouth but her eyes are cold. It is as if she is estimating the weight of a chicken before buying. I must be careful. She is not an innocent like dear Patty.


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