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LeAnne Bristow

It was fun looking for the best exchange!

“What has really angered you?” Ronin knew her better than anyone, even her own brothers. “The men haven’t seen you let your hair down before. You took them by surprise.”
Her chest tightened and she slid the sword back into its scabbard. “I received a missive from my father.”
He whistled under his breath. “You think he’s still trying to find you a husband?”
“Does it matter?” She sighed. “They have only to stand next to me and they change their mind. Men want dainty, helpless females. Not me.”
He cocked his head, one dark eyebrow lifted. “Careful. You’re sounding like someone who desires marriage.”
“No. I have no desire to be married. Ever.” She lifted her chin.
“Liar.” Ronin was the only one who could call her such names and get away with it. “You’re not against marriage. What you’re afraid of is marrying a man who will never appreciate you for who you are.”
“Once I would have thought it possible,” she said. “Not anymore.”


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