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Merien Grey

That is perfect. You may sign me up for three of the paranormal, I can work those in while doing my category with no conflicts. I will drop a judge application to you tonight.

For the everyone else who will hopefully jump in and help, here is the link to the judge application, it’s short and only takes a minutes. We need it so we can make sure you don’t get anything you can’t or aren’t willing to judge.

Also, for those of you who are new or have not judged before, our entries are only 5000K words. You read it, make constructive comments in the manuscript, do a pre-formatted Excel score sheet, then send it back to the category coordinator. That’s it. This is a big money maker for the chapter and allows us to pay for top notch instructors for our annual training schedule so if you are taking and enjoy the classes, this is where they come from, so please consider helping 🙂

PFTH Application to Judge

Warm Regards,



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