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Kathy: Congrats on completing the KOD challenge! And good luck with the Hearts Through History challenge. I know you’ll do great.

I used to track our group’s word goals on a spreadsheet, but now that we post them here, I’ve stopped. I structured the forum in a way that as long as members check in weekly with their goals, they can go back to any week and easily find their word count. 🙂 I keep mine in a notebook. I track every book’s word count and how long it takes me to edit. It helps me plan.

So, this was a great week for me! I wrote 15,448 words. I’m now 76,768 words into book 4 of my Sundance series. If I keep up with at least 2025 words a day, I should be finished by Saturday, Sept. 26, which gives me a nice cushion for my October 5 deadline. Whew! That’s a relief.

The goal this week is the same as last. 2025 words a day.

Sprints tomorrow, 2-4 pm PDT. Hope to see some of you there!



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