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Doreen Jensen

assignment 1 take two:

the hero has just spilled the beans that the heroine was adopted, she didn’t know. She had been listening in the rushes  near the hero and her family (father and 7 brothers)

“Daughter, listen to me, for it is daughter you are to me. What was I to do? Your mother, that is my wife died, always wanting a daughter. You were but a babe. Your parents lived in the trailer next to us. One night we heard a terrible crash Your parents were killed in an auto accident. Grant was the first to arrive. “Your mother’s dying words to him were to take good care of you. What could I do?”, his voice breaking with emotion, ”There was Grant holding out this squalling baby girl. ”She has no-one,” he pleaded, ”Can we keep her?”

“Just like that, you keep me, as if I were some stray puppy.” She turned to hide the tears threatening to flow.

Dory Hope this shows more stress .


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