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Doreen Jensen

I completed the BIAW and that helped the total for this week, I’m still in that mode. I finished one future learn class and am taking our dialogue class and the Scottish history class. I brought in my fairy garden stuff–many of the pieces were missing–esp toadstools and little hedgehogs. I think the squirrels thought they were nuts. My wildflowers are still hanging in there but the days and ep the nights have become much cooler. de[ending on my bloodtests on friday I may be entering a medically supervised weightloss program(goverment sponsored) but I’m rather aprehensive about only having 900 calories of liquid for 12 weeks and tapering off until mid march.  well see how it goes. The savvy conference was interesting but I got most of it after as being on the computer for a long time is difficult during weekends.  Well that was my week, looking forward to hearing about all of yours.




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