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Dory: I’m always impressed by your knack for finding such interesting classes! FTH’s dialogue class looks really good. I’m too swamped to participate, but the lessons have been great.

I don’t blame you for being nervous about going on a liquid diet. I’d be nervous, too. Let us know how it goes with your doctor. Hugs <3

Jeanne: Sounds like you’ve got a good plan going!

I saw this video playlist and thought of you. It’s all about Amazon’s short reads. He talks about the best categories to write in to break into the top 10, but even if you aren’t interested in the categories, he gives tips on how to get Amazon to “invite” you to be a short reads author and tips on length of MS for each category. I thought you might find some of it useful. đŸ™‚

(No, I don’t know Dale. I just watch his videos sometimes.)

Have a great week!



Hi, Cheryl,

Of course my main goal is to get my writing published and actually make some money doing that. I took the plunge, made myself learn how to publish to Amazon through KDP and got two books on Amazon (one was really short – the first one I uploaded was a collection of three short romances and I did this one to actually experience the process). The second one is a collection of 15 short romances. So with that accomplished, I am greatly encouraged.

I have three sup-goals that I’m working on this week that will eventually be published on Amazon through KDP. They are two contemporary novel-length women’s fiction and also, short stories (longer word count then the short stories I already published)  that will go into a collection called Stories of Hope.”

This past week, I averaged about 1,500 words a day and 6 hours a day working on different aspects related to writing. Some of the time was spent on actual writing; some of the time was spent on watching videos on different aspects of KDP, and I looked into websites on book cover art and also looked into publishing with Ingram Spark and Draft2Digital.

KDP by far looks like the least problem free. For me Ingram Spark is out. They charge $49 up front to publish a paperback and ebook and $25 to publish an ebook.  And you pay the fee again if you want to revise, as if it were a new book. They distribute “wide” – as in to more places than just Amazon (like Kobo, Barns & N0ble, etc.).

Draft2Digital also distributes “wide,” but it doesn’t charge anything up front for publishing with them. It takes 10% of every sale you make. And you have to provide your own cover.

Right now, I”ll go with Amazon. I have been using their Cover Create and their pre-made cover designs and also Kindle Create, which formats the manuscript for you. And I do well enough editing my short stories that I haven’t hired an editor. So, I’ve paid nothing up front. Right now, this is good enough for me.

When I get more books published to Amazon, then I’ll look into marketing and an author website.

But right now, my goals are writing and continuing to learn.



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