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WBW 34 / Mona / 7 Days

I spent 20 hours revising and editing and made s big change in my ms. I knew that what I had originally was okay but bland so I thought about how to change that. And I did. As I went about painting or chores, I constantly thought of ways to add excitement, and after a while it came to me.

This week, I’m going to completely change the last part of the story and add more danger for the heroine. I love it when something finally clicks for me.

Happy writing, y’all.


Ooo, I love it when a plan comes together! (If I may quote a little A-Team here and age myself)
20 hours is amazing, Mona! And to have so much to show for it. That’s what’s truly important, right?

I hope you have another brilliant week of writing!



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