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I’m a little late jumping in here. I must have missed the email in my inbox. Anyway, here’s my homework for  Session 4


“Mom.” Jessie walked through The Moonbeam Inn’s reception area and into the back office. Seated at the desk, Mom looked away from the computer screen and smiled.


“Hi, dear. I see you’re wearing your jacket. Going somewhere?”


Jesse’s throat tightened. “Yeah. I’m meeting Bethany at the library. We have a history test to study for.”


Bethany might be at the library, but Jessie had no intention of going there. Until later, maybe.


“Okay, dear. Come home for lunch. Pizza parlor’s off limits, remember?”


Jessie wrinkled her nose. “But why?”


Her mother’s eyebrows arched. “Isn’t that where you said that boy hangs out sometimes? Saturday’s the day kids hang out, isn’t it?”


Jessie plucked at the sleeves of her jacket as if adjusting them. “What boy?”


“The high school boy.”


“There are lots of high-school boys in town.”


Mom tilted her head to the side. “I know that. Oh, what was his name? Carson? Clifton? Conrad?”


“Ohhhh.” Jessie nodded. “You mean Cameron. Cameron Lang.”


Mom glared at her. Jessie gulped.


“Ah, no, I won’t be going to the pizza parlor. You said yourself Clifton–I mean Cameron’s too old for me. He’s sixteen and I’m twelve. I must seem like a child to him.”


“Okay, chatterbox. If you’re going to the library to study for a test, why aren’t you taking any books with you?”


“Oh, thanks for reminding me, Mom. I forgot it. Wouldn’t Bethany be bummed out at me. I’ll go up and get it. It’s okay if I meet Bethany at the library?”


Mom looked over her shoulder. “Hello Bethany. I’m glad to see you here.”


“Hi, Mrs. Dunbar. I’m early, so I thought I’d come get you, Jess. Gee it must be fun living at this inn. I haven’t been inside before.”


Jessie turned, looked at her friend and scowled. Then she smiled. If Bethany hadn’t shown up, maybe mom wouldn’t have let her go.


“Where’s your book, Jessie?”


“I’ll go up to my room and get it and meet you on the front porch.”


Jessie dashed out of the office. She’d find a way to leave the library and go to Paisano’s Pizza Parlor. Maybe Cameron would be there today. How would Mom ever find out? She worked in the inn’s office every day except Sunday. And she always ate lunch at the table in the kitchen when she was working.



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