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Jan Bill

“But that guy who did it. That’s a shame he can’t be on the market. I mean, you wouldn’t want to date a killer.” Jerrica craned her neck to study my face as we strutted down the sidewalk.

“He’s okay,” I said, and when she kept leaning into my face, I relented. “He’s tall, and tan. That goes a long way. It’s not like we have any reason to get to know each other.”

“I knew it. You have a crush on him.” Jerrica clapped and I bit my lower lip. “So like you to go for the dangerous guy with the flashy abs. He sure likes to show those off. Every time he talks, he puffs his chest so his shirt will ride up just enough to give you a hint.”

“Like a Christmas package with a surprise.” I slipped saying, as we passed a shop window filled with life-sized Santas giving presents to flamingos wearing Christmas wreaths.


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