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Congrats on hitting your goal, Kathy! That’s wonderful!

Oh my gosh, the little llama on that crochet page is so cute. I wish I could crochet. Okay, I can, I just wish I enjoyed it more. I made a blanket for my son while he was in basic training to keep my mind off worrying about him and once it was done, I never did another thing.

I like painting. 🙂


I participated in Hearts Through History’s Book In A Week challenge this week. I set a goal of 1400 and I wrote 1485.

I’ve gotten hooked on crocheting again. I’m working on this project called From The Middle Blanket.  You can see the pattern her

I’m using Red Heart Fair Isle Jingle which is red white and green variegated. It did take me a few days to get the pattern down. I’ve completed the first ten rounds and have added 4 more I think. It repeats rounds 9 & 10 untill it reaches 58 inches.


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