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Dory, your weekends always sound so lovely. Like a small-town romance novel. Hmm… 😉 I would travel a long way for pumpkin pancakes and bling. That sounds like the title of a fun romance, doesn’t it? Pumpkin Pancakes and Bling.

Great word count! Love your consistency.

No, it’s not here yet! It won’t leave Ohio until October 1. Apparently, they are very backed up and I was lucky to get it in October. I know of people who ordered in August who won’t get theirs until next year! Wild. But we did go in for a hitch check and to hook up another Airstream to our tow vehicle to make sure all was well. It was. When I get my little trailer, I’ll definitely post a pic. 🙂


Hello Cheryl and everyone:  Welcome Deb–You’ll love it here.

I managed 2182 words and am working on our Dialogue class, Sharron Gunn’s  Scottish Highland class and a few future Learn classes. There is one on copyrights. Went on a little jaunt past lake Erie to pick up some vintage jewelry I won at auction. I am really easily distracted by shiny things. Yup. I got a thing for the bling.  It was a nice drive, a nice brunch of pumpkin pancakes, and lovely lake views.

Cheryl, has your trailer arrived yet? hope so.










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