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Good question! I’ll likely name it. I name everything. 😉

Dory, you should totally write that romance! Think of all the bling you could write off on your taxes as “research.”


Cheryl; Do they name trailers like they do cars and boats? I should think so. I guess if you do name it it will be after you assess its features and personality. Our current vehicle belonged to a paramedic supervisor and has about 6 antennas on top. When it first came home hubby referred to it as “the Great White Whale” so I sent for a small beanie baby whale for the vehicle and never used it as for the past year  it is has been  referred to as “The Beast.” I look forward to hearing what clever name you are calling your trailer.

I may just write a small-town romance, It’s not the first time someone has suggested it to me. and I do like that title.




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