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I had a great week! I finished the book I started during SIAW. Brought it in at 103, 469 words. Last week’s word count was 15,472! That was with some lower word count days in the middle, too. THANK YOU to all the sprinters out there. Wow, did that help me. I’m shocked at how much.

This week I’m taking it slow. Setting up my next edit/rewrite. I had a little trouble with the book before this one, so it needs some refinement. Okay, I’m tearing it down to the studs and rebuilding. haha So, no big goal this week, just getting my Q4 goals and Kanban board in order and setting up those edits.

We’re sprinting from 2-4pm PDT Tuesday & Thursday! Join us and see how well it works for you 🙂



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