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Wow, Dory! Congrats on that giant chain you have going!

I loved the caterpillar story. I’ve never heard that before, but I grew up in Southern California, so our winters are mild. I know yours get pretty cold.

More interesting classes! You always find the good ones. 🙂


Hello Cheryl and fellow writers.

I managed 2635 words this week and have entered day 7 of year 3 of consecutive writing.

I managed several classes. and currently working on 2 future learns re copyrights.

It’s otherwise been a quiet week. We have had a beautiful week of back to summer weather but this week promised to be very cool. Its been a roller coaster of alternating the air conditioner and the furnace.  Its been one or the other on or both off.  But it is nearing the end of September. Saw a big Wooley Bear caterpillar yesterday and legend tells us that the thicker his coat the harder the winter. hard to judge but he looked pretty thick.








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