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Oh, the dreaded wound. Going to have to put that guy on the psychiatrist couch and get him to talk. 😉

I was so happy to see you at the sprint, Jennifer! Thanks for coming!

I can sprint this Sunday 1-3 pm PDT (which is 4-5 pm Eastern, I believe) as long as my trailer doesn’t come in. (I’m waiting on my little Airstream.😁) I’ll let you know sooner to the day. 🙂

Oh, and be sure to hit subscribe on the Sprints pinned post so you get all the info. I’ll be there editing, too.


Thanks for hosting the sprint last night! Sundays work well for me at around 4 pm or 5 pm EST. My goal for the week is to fix my hero’s internal conflict, meaning I have to give him one. 🙂 I’ve added one chapter, but I know another one is needed somewhere in my manuscript.



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