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That’s a whopper of a word count, Jeanne! Nice!

I started tracking my word count a few books ago. Especially with indie publishing, it’s good to know how long it takes to put out a book. So, I’ve written five of varying lengths since I started tracking. Guess what? I still have no idea how long it takes me. haha Every book is different.

I write urban fantasy romance, so the word count is higher. Also, I started off that way, so I’m kind of stuck–for this series at least. I just finished a 70K-ish one, which was fun to write, but needs a lot of edits because I’m so used to writing longer.

If you ever want to join us for sprints, I believe we start during your morning time. Pop in if you can!


Hi, Cheryl and all,

So far, I haven’t made it to the sprints, but I am keeping myself busy keeping  my nose to the grindstone. I averaged writing 6 hours a day last week (remember I’m retired and don’t have to work a 40-hour week at something besides writing). That included writing first drafts, editing, and practicing using Kindle Direct Publishing. Between writing first drafts and adding to word count when editing, I did a total of 14, 725 words last week. I don’t know how that compares to prior weeks because I just started keeping track of word count.

Now that I’m learning to self publish, that’s really a big motivation to keep writing. I love having the control over whether what I write gets published or not.

Have a good week everyone!



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