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Lisa Coy

Hi Ana,

I was iffy if I should use “Honest Injun.” I’ll cut it. Your farm auction suggestions were so helpful, also where you showed where Rudy should have more internal thought. I should have capitalized Hi-Bred. The first commercial hybrid, called Copper Cross, was produced in 1923. With it, Henry A. Wallace (a fascinating man who was ahead of his time) started the Hi-Bred Corn Company. The hybrids proved more vigorous, withstanding harsh weather and deflecting diseases and pests. As a selling point to farmers struggling against drought, they were told the seeds needed less water to grow. This wasn’t true, but competitors selling hybrids in the early 30’s to farmers was not an easy sale. Grandpa Hahn’s magic beans and cow (Jack and the Beanstalk) metaphor failed. I need to rewrite that part or cut. Thanks again for your help.


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