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I was going to say, either that was one clean manuscript or you’re lighting fast with the edits! lol

Make sure you’re subscribed to the sprints pinned post so you get the Zoom link sent to your email inbox on Sunday. (If you have any questions or concerns, definitely email me. or message me on FB, if you’re on there.)

I could talk your ear off about Kanban boards, I love them so much. But then I’m a kindergartner at heart. I love those gold stars and moving stickies from the “to-do” side to the “done” side is a total gold star moment for me. 🙂

Ooo, we should do a Kanban Zoom with the group at some point. Coffee and Kanban? haha Or Coffee and Planning for those who don’t use a Kanban board. That would be fun. If it’s later, it could be Wine and Planning. 😀


Hi Cheryl,

Ha ha, I didn’t edit 17 chapters in a week. This is more like the final read through of my third draft.

I feel similarly about needing analog phases in my writing process, to step away from the screen and the desk! I will definitely check out the video you recommended.

And Sunday is a definitely possibility for a sprint! I’ll ping you on Saturday if that will work. Deb


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