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The one thing I did this week and plan to do next week to move me toward my goal is to finish my short story the latest short story I’m writing.” It is story number six intended for my short-story collection. Also, my my goals for next wet week includes beginning several rounds of proof reading, editing and rewriting these six stories. They are all historical stories and deal with hope. When I’ve completed story number 6’s draft, the total word count for all six will be around 40,000 words.

After getting this collection of stories finished, polished and published on Amazon, I have to contemporary short stories that have elements of the possibility of love waiting to be included in another collection.

As you pointed out earlier, Cheryl, I really think I’ve found my niche in short stories. I like not having to find enough crises and events to sustain the story over 70,000 to 95,000 words. And I’m finding it’s easier to edit and rewrite each story that’s shorter. I’ve got two novels sitting on my computer waiting to be finished and a completed one that I need to proof read once more, but I’ve been so caught up in the short stories, I haven’t gotten around to them.

This week, I averaged 5 to 6 hours writing-related activities and averaged around 1800 words a day.

On the “housekeeping front, I finally figured out how to format a paperback in Word for Kindle Direct Publishing.  I practiced on my collection of romances (that I wrote for Women’s World that they didn’t buy) and also on my completed novel that’s waiting to be proof read once more.

Several months ago I took an online course on self publishing (before I actually decided to do it). This afternoon, I went to the instructor’s website to see if she had any info I’d be interested in. Come to find out, she offers a service to format manuscripts for paperback for KDP/Amazon and charges $75.00 for what I can now do for myself. Maybe when I’ve done this enough for myself that I feel confident that I can do it for others, maybe I can go into business and charge for it!

So, it was a good week.





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