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Doreen Jensen

Hello gentle beings:

I managed 2710 words and finished the dynamic dialogue class. It was wonderful. I did finish another Futurelearn class but have slowed down on how many I take at once.

We had small (6 person ) get-together for Father-in-law who just turned 93. He is remarkably sharp but his memory is terrible and he has probably already forgotten his party.

I was accepted into a doctor-supervised, hospital run weight loss program that will be held on Webbex. If you know how this system works please help me because I need it for my 3-hour  virtual group meetings and I am a techno dunce. hello u-tube. It starts the 14th(so right after  Canadian Thanksgiving–900 liquid only calories–blecch).  who knows what ramblings my hunger-induced delerium may produce.




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