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Louise Bergin

I love the name Amity for the heroine, and her story sounds like the <i>My Fair Lady</i> with the trope twisted—she wants to do the changing instead of being changed by Professor Higgins.

After much thought, I think I’ll go with doing my traditional Regency Her Husband’s Return during NANO. It has a smaller cast than the contemporary because the story is supposed to be only 50K and confined to a country manor.

Geraint Hartwell, Earl of Riverdale, made a horrific mistake when he accused his wife of adultery and banished her to the countryside. When his cousin John died, he learned he was wrong and must try to woo back his wife and make amends after 2-3 years. Not an easy task for an arrogant lord of the realm. However, he needs a legitimate heir to block his despised cousin’s future accession to his title.

Lady Anne Hartwell, was banished from the London social gaiety she enjoyed when her husband believed her unfaithful to him. She was allowed to take their little girl Phoebe, but no one else has visited in the two years since. Now her husband has appeared and expects to be welcomed back to her bed. Before that happens, he is felled by the influenza that killed his cousin John. Now she should she nurse him back to health or abandon him to his fate? Does she have any feelings left for Geraint?

Lucius Hartwell never expected to be in line for the earldom. But John’s death changed all that. Now Lucius finds his social prospects have immeasurably improved and credit is easily obtained, based upon his expectations. When he learns Geraint has gone to make amends with Anne, Lucius follows, determined that no heir shall be created to cut him out from the title. He’ll do whatever it takes to woo Anne away from reconciling with her husband.


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