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Great word count for a busy week, Kathy!

Will you start a new NaNo project during November, or will you edit the one you did last year? I haven’t been able to participate for the last couple of years because I’m always editing/rewriting in November and I can’t get a high word count. Someday I’ll plan it out right. I am going to do some Zoom write-ins for the chapter if you’re interested. I’ll be editing, but I know others will be drafting away!

Have a great week! Don’t work too hard. 🙂


I wrote 1370 words last week and spent several hours researching the NaNo project. I’m taking the GETTING YOUR NANO ACT TOGETHER AHEAD OF TIME with Beth Daniels and looking forward to it. I love her workshops. I really would like to make the goal in NaNo this year. Of course, no idea how work will be towards the end of November with BLACK FRIDAY and

I am going to rewrite the last NaNo project that I had problems with when I was writing it. So many questions that lurked in my mind. I knew what I needed. I wasn’t sure how to figure it out. Hopefully, with Beth’s help, I will have a better, stronger, cohesive story this year.


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