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As if I haven’t overloaded your inboxes already, here’s my check-in. 😉

I edited six chapters last week. To make my deadline, I need to work a little faster, but I also just needed a break. I’m restructuring my Q4 work schedule a bit, as I want to slow my pace. I have two books to edit and release, but if I get one released in Q4 I’ll be good with that. Maybe. Okay. I’m TRYING to be good with that. Baby steps… Goal this week is 8 chapters edited.

On a happy note, I’m now taking Mondays to write with my daughter. We wrote a YA together a while back and had a blast, and I need to tap into that creative joy again. Plus, we’re working on urban fantasy/horror podcast scripts, so it’s a fun way to stretch my creativity.

I mentioned to Mona to be kind to herself, and that’s my mantra this quarter, too. Be kind to yourself. You are enough. ❤️

Oh, and my Airstream is supposed to arrive at the dealer on Saturday! It has to be inspected, so we probably won’t be able to pick it up until next week, though. When I get it, I’ll post some pics.

Have a great week, everybody!



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