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Like it, Louise. And, yes, the second posting of the spreadsheet was much better…all those symbols got in the way, didn’t they?

When writing about the two men, since you give both of them “above average” on the height thing, maybe come up with a way to indicate how much taller that is than your heroine, who is “average” for a woman.  Does the top of her head come even with their chins? If any of them have a reason to go into one of the cottages of the estate’s dependents, do they have to duck or just take their top hat off to make it under the lintel? Stuff like that. If you’ve thought it out ahead of time, you’ll have it ready to drop in when the description is needed in the story.

In Marked Raven I have a spot where Bram says “I’d miss the extra height the Tony Lamas supplied but some would say 6′ 2″ in stocking feet was sufficient for any man.” It’s tough working in a description of the main character when he’s telling the story, but even in 3rd person, if you can work it into a bit that doesn’t sound like you’re giving a description per se, that’s icing on your cake. In the bit above, Bram isn’t talking about how tall he is, but that he’d miss wearing his western boots.



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