Reply To: REPORTS of Officers and Committees

Arel JansenArel Jansen

    One are one month away from closing our fiscal year.

    For 2020 the Board had projected a loss of almost $2,000 as we tried to anticipate how the ripple effect of changes in RWA would effect our membership. But we were also committed to continuing to provide our members quality programming and the opportunity to meet up at Nationals.

    Although there is still one month remaining, I’m pleased to report that while there will be a loss for fiscal year 2020, it will be less than projected.

    Budgeting for 2021 is underway and I’m looking forward to continuing to offer our members excellent programming and the opportunities to participate in the various FTHRW groups for plotting, sprinting, critiquing, getting your NaNo on.

    Please ask any questions regarding 2020 finances or 2021 budgeting.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Arel Jansen