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Doreen Jensen

Hello Cheryl and everybody.

Thank-you Cheryl for your help with zoom and spirits. it helped my word count this week. I managed 3470 words last week. I’m taking Beths Nano prep and Jacqui’s Bump in the Night. and 1 new Futurelearn class on the science of success.

Yesterday we spent the day with BIL and family for Thanksgiving–keeping within our 10 people social bubble. Normally today we’d all be at the Rockton Worlds fair (small town pride) where we’d be looking at crafts and watching the heavy horse demonstrations. One of the things I truly miss with this pandemic. It was part of both our family’s traditions. So much has changed this year that a 2020 planner had to be the most useless item but being optimistic I have already sent for my 2021 planner( never mind that that’s the year in which Mad Max takes place.) With your Thanksgiving coming up next month how do you plan to keep traditions doing or will you modify them? I wonder if those modifications will eventually become traditions.






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