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Mona, my heart is with you. I hope your writing brings you solace during this difficult time and not pressure. That’s not something you need right now.

Sending all the peace, love, and hugs I can find straight to you.


I kept my goal, but the time was spent laying out changes to make to my WIP. One step forward, two steps back. But I plan to get it right no matter what.

I know I won’t make my goal for this coming week because I went to see my ill sister. All four sister got together for the first time since 2010. To keep my sister’s spirits up, we told her that since we weren’t there for her actual birthday last week, we decided to have a second birthday party. We didn’t want her to realize we know the end is near. We kept everything upbeat and shared memories of stupid things we used to do. She kept tearing up, though.

I learned a few minutes ago that the cancer has spread to her lymph glands. 🙁


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