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Doreen Jensen

Hopefully, the traditions will be back in full force next year, Yes that sprint really helped and I would like it if you sent me a link for Thursday. I was a little under the weather on Tuesday spending a great deal of it in the bathroom,. After I got the camera to work and I could see me just fine. Then, today I had the Webex meeting. the camera was working fine then I noticed I was not moving and it was like a snapshot so I went through the routine again and both lights on the camera went out. I could see and hear them but Cam was out and I could not get it back. as soon as the meeting was over then I went through it again and it was fine. It doesn’t seem to like the teleconferencing software or something. maybe the anti-virus is messing with it, I was told that could be it or that there was Bluetooth interference–apparently, Webex software doesn’t like Bluetooth someone said. hopefully, I can get it under control by Thursday. if not then I may end up incognito again. But I’d get my words in. see you then, I hope.


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