Reply To: Lecture #3

Louise Bergin

This past week, I had my son, his wife, and the adorable one-year old granddaughter visiting from 1,700 miles away.  No writing was accomplished.  Now that they’re gone, I tackle the keyboard again.

The hardest part of this lesson for me was signing up at the NANO site. It crystallized that I am declaring I will do this. That’s scary!

<i>Her Husband’s Return </i>will be written in deep third POV, which is my favorite way to write. Only two POVs, his and hers. I anticipate this being a short novel of between 50-60K. The book will open in his POV at the deathbed of his cousin/heir, when the hero learns how wrong he was to accuse his wife of adultery and banish her to countryside.



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