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You might try what I do. Post it notes stuck to the edges of my computer screen that have characters first and last names, any nicknames, the color of their hair, eyes, and height, and anything else that I think might be good to drop in more than once along the way, a “tell” or habit.

One of the surnames in my family is Hemme, so Hemming is an interesting first name choice. Love the story from Ancient Irish tales and did not know that about the lye used to wash with or the double result of dead lice and fairer hair. There were a lot of 19th century male relatives in our family who had red hair but their beards came in black, which always seems odd, but even in the old black and white pictures (or sepia ones) you can see the difference, though my grandmother was talking about her brothers when she told me about it. Lots of redheads in our family, me being one of them, though it’s really faded these days. Have a niece, a cousin, and a great niece all with different shades than mine was, too. And as we’re German with a touch of French (which also had a few redheads in it), can’t claim any Irish or Scottish blood…unless there was a traveling Irish sales man working his way along the German/French border…you know how those blarney tongues probably charmed the knickers off many a lass. 🙂



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