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Hi, Cheryl,

I hope this post finds you well and productive.

This  past week, my word count is way down because my main goal is to proof read and edit two more collections of short stories and a historical women’s fiction novel-length work that I’ve had sitting for a few months waiting for me to look at it again. Even though I put much effort into that novel-length work (I did 10 pass overs, each one editing for a different issue), I’m finding minor stuff like quotation marks at the end a few sentences that aren’t dialogue, one place where a word was left out, and  another place where a word was typed in twice. I’m also finding places where the sentence order needed to be moved around to make the paragraph flow better.  And there are places where I’m adding a little more to show how the characters felt or reacted.

I want to have these three works done by the end of November or the middle of December so I can copyright them before self publishing them. If I read the instructions on the Copyright Office’s website, I think I can register all three for one fee by using the application for a group of unpublished works. I will contact the Copyright office when they’re open during the week to verify this.

I did put in the application to register a  copyright  for one of the collections of short stories (the longer one) that I published on Amazon this past week. For a published work, I had to use the Standard Application. Even though they say work is copyrighted from the moment the words go on the paper, I want to have the documentation in case I ever need it.

A secondary goal is to finish up the contemporary women’s fiction and the historical women’s fiction I’ve left sitting on my hard drive for months. Thanks to Beth Daniel’s Nano class, I made myself decide what needs to happen for both of those to finish them.

Then, I have one more novel that’s maybe a coming of age story that’s unfinished. I thought it was going to be a romance, but it didn’t work out that way. Maybe I will come back to that on when I’ve finished my other projects.

For now, my goal is to get the ones that are finished to the point where I’m ready to publish them, get the application in to register the copyright and then do the work of formatting so they can be published.

I’m busier now than before COVID-19 when I could come and go as I pleased.



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